Terms and Conditions of BISHOPS PARENTS DANCE Auctions

  1. The online and live auctions form part of the annual Bishops Parents Dance Charity fundraiser. The online auction process will take place over the auction period to 30 September 2019. 
  2. The online auction cut-off for bids for certain selected online auction items will be 30 September 2019 at 12h00. These selected items will be advertised on the online site. The advertised items may be amended, removed or supplemented at the discretion of the Parents Dance Committee. Please refer to the actual item descriptions on the online site for specific details which you may query prior to making any bid.
  3. Anyone is welcome to participate in the online auction or to appoint a proxy to do so on their behalf.
  4. The highest bids received for each and any item via the online process, by the cut off deadline, are subject to final confirmation and acceptance by the Parent Dance Committee and are subject to any reserve prices being met (as may apply to any item) and any terms and conditions that may apply to any item, as determined by the donor/supplier of such item/s. Please refer to the online site for specific details. 
  5. Any item sold at either auction is sold voetstoots, or, as is and the auctioneer, Bishops, the Bishops Dance Committee and the donor give no warranty as to the correctness of information on such item.  All items are sold without any warranties or guarantees of any kind whatsoever.
  6. Subject to acceptance of a bid, payment terms are 3 business days from the cut-off date. Should payment not be made in full the sale will be automatically cancelled and any item/s will be returned to the school for sale or utilisation as the Parent Dance Committee deems fit.
  7. All nett proceeds of any auction items will be applied to and go towards the beneficiary charities, expenses and causes identified by the Parents Dance Committee in its sole discretion.
  8. Please note that the successful bidder will be responsible for any loss or damage caused or incurred by the donor to the donor’s property during the use or enjoyment of any item successfully bid for (for example, damage to a house or apartment). Any use of the item is also entirely at the successful bidder’s own risk including those using or enjoying or using the item with him/her.
  9. Disclaimer:- As the auctions will be managed by non-professional volunteer parents, such volunteers, Bishops, donors of prizes and the organisers of the Parents Dance Charity fundraiser (collectively referred to as the "Organisers") will not be liable or responsible, under any circumstances, for: items that are inaccurately advertised or misrepresented on the website; any ambiguities;  bids that are not actually or accurately received timeously due to any form of human, electronic/website or other communication failure or omission or for any other reason whatsoever. The Organizers will also not be liable for any claims that may arise, from whatsoever cause or of whatsoever nature, and participation in the auctions which will be entirely at the bidder’s own risk.
  10. The successful bidder indemnifies and holds harmless the Organisers from any and all claims that may arise from his/her participation in the auctions and from the use of the prize by him/her and/or such other persons under his/her consent.


  1. In the event of any disputes of any nature the headmaster of Bishops will be called upon to act as arbiter and his decision will be final and binding on all relevant parties.