AGA Ludlow cast-iron fireplace

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The AGA Ludlow is a medium-sized solid fuel or wood-burning fireplace. The nominal heat output is 6.5kW from wood, increasing to a maximum of 9.9kW with 76.2% efficiency; solid fuels will achieve a nominal heat output of 6.2kW with 69.2% efficiency.

Like all AGA fireplaces, it benefits from the AGA Active Air Wash System - cutting-edge technology that optimises heat performance, reduces harmful emissions and keeps the stove window clean so you can enjoy the relaxing effect of a real fire. The beauty of the Ludlow fireplace is in its simplicity. Not only is it easy to use, it can be left to burn overnight so you're greeted in the morning by a beautifully warm room. It's incredibly easy to clean too, thanks to the Ludlow's removable shaker grate, ash pan, fire fence and ash tray. Available in matt black.

Recommended fuel types: Wood, coal, anthracite and peat briquettes.

The offer excludes installation costs and the cost of the flue pipe.



Kindly sponsored by the Russell family.

For more information visit the AGA website.

Ludlow fireplace

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Ending On: 30/09/2018 12:00

  1. James Foxcroft bid R17,500.00 on 30/09/2018 11:59
  2. Cindy bid R17,000.00 on 29/09/2018 07:29
  3. lorraine bid R16,000.00 on 28/09/2018 17:30
  4. Cindy bid R15,000.00 on 27/09/2018 19:14
  5. Lorraine bid R14,000.00 on 27/09/2018 12:55
  6. Cindy illing bid R13,000.00 on 19/09/2018 22:05
  7. Lorraine bid R12,000.00 on 19/09/2018 17:08
  8. James Foxcroft bid R11,000.00 on 18/09/2018 13:32
  9. Cindy Illing bid R10,000.00 on 14/09/2018 20:02
  10. lorraine bid R7,500.00 on 14/09/2018 12:46
  11. Penny bid R7,000.00 on 11/09/2018 23:00
  12. lorraine bid R6,500.00 on 10/09/2018 22:29
  13. JOANNA BELL bid R5,000.00 on 10/09/2018 20:51
  14. MC Allen bid R4,000.00 on 10/09/2018 14:43
  15. Cindy Illing bid R2,500.00 on 06/09/2018 17:35
  16. Lorraine bid R2,000.00 on 06/09/2018 17:19

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